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August – Guin Kendrick

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Born and raised in the City of Champions, Tuscaloosa, ALA-BAMA. #RTR
I am the Business Development manager at Hotel & Restaurant Supply.
My Fam Jam includes Phillip-6wk old boy, Stella Reese-3yo blonde firecracker of a little girl, and my beautiful, intelligent, & loving wife Sarah. Read more

July – Pam

Hi, My name is Pam Magee. I am a 56 year old Registered Medical Technologist at the University of MS Medical Center. I have been coming to Crossfit 601 for a year and a half. In that time, I have lost 42 pounds, many inches and my fear of trying something challenging.
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June – Ross Wheatley

Ross Wheatley’s janitorial services are — hands down — the best in the area. His speed whilst mopping up chalk from handstand walks are quite literally unprecedented. He can AMRAP plunge a toilet better than Mario AND Luigi combined. Taking out the trash has never been easier as he uses his tremendous legs to produce a force that matches Mother Earth’s gravitational pull. Don’t tread lightly on this Custodian’s cleaning prowess, you might get sanitized.
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